The Molina Center matches at-risk single mothers in teams of three, then supports each team to create a new business.


We will create over 80 careers in sustainable industries every year, and will be financially self-sustaining and growing within 5 years. more...


Our interns start a real business, working alongside experienced professionals, being valued as the insightful, passionate and hard-working adults that they are. more...


We deliver a comprehensive life skills curriculum, support to complete a secondary school education, and offer residence in an immersive environment hosting a range of community-based educational workshops and events. more...

Your Money, Your Impact

You can create profound change in the lives of vulnerable youth by leveraging your money in a way which suits your circumstances, committment and comfort zone.

A casual or monthly contribution as a Supporter (from just $3) provides tanglible support for our interns. You can choose who to support and know that 100% of your donated funds went to supporting your chosen team.

If you are looking to make a major contribution, consider becoming a team Sponsor, or  Angel for deeper involvement and recognition.

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Share Time & Talent


Share your academic, business, parenting and/or life skills in person, by phone or online. Help our interns experience sustained success by sharing a bit of yourself with them, creating lasting productive relationships and plugging them into your social networks.


Help The Molina Center with landscaping, gardening, natural building, tutoring, and more! A great way to get a deeper understanding of our programs, learn sustainability, or just make some new friends who share your interests and passion.

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About Us

The Molina Center is working with a range of regional and national partners to  build a new model for transitioning at-risk youth from a  threatening present to a valued and productive adult life - fully prepared to embrace the unique and urgent challenges of the 21st century.

admin-building-april.jpgLocated in Western Colorado, on a 42 acre property on the flank of the scenic Grand Mesa, we are in the process of developing a range of long-term transitional residential programs for at-risk youth, plus an active outreach for the general public with a boutique, farm-to-table vegan mini-restaurant, conference & training rooms, workshops on sustainability and health, community gardens, food forest and more. 

There's more to us than we can possibly cover in just one web page, start here to find out more about our history, people involved, programs, concepts and future roadmap.